Katleho Matima

Assistant Engineer, Producer

Age: 22
Experience: 3 years
Specialization: Trap, Hip-Hop, RnB

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About Me

Katleho is a vibrant and passionate producer that is driven to achieve the highest standards in music. Since graduating at Academy Of Sound Engineering he has become an invaluable part of the FO8 production team.

He specializes in producing Trap, Hip-Hop and RnB music.


A true team player with excellent people skills, Katleho is well versed at getting the best out of artists in the studio.

A quick learner and passionate musician, Katleho is constantly pushing his own boundaries and striving for excellence in every area of his life.

Katleho is a real people person with a big heart and a big smile.


Engineering 60%
Production 80%
Mixing 55%
Writing 90%
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