Figure of 8 Productions boasts one of the most professionally equipped private studios in Johannesburg, South Africa. Every single project is guaranteed to be recorded, and produced, at an industry-leading quality.

At Figure of 8 Productions, the focus is on blending vintage analogue gear with modern digital tools to create “that classic sound”. With two fully-equipped studios in the peaceful suburb of Sundowner, the facility offers a comfortable, professional and creative environment for music rehearsals, recording, production and mixing.

In terms of our solutions, Figure of 8 Productions offers a whole host of services ranging from rehearsals, recording, production, engineering and final mixing for both audio and video formats.

The facility was started by producer, engineer and accomplished guitarist Ryno Zeelie and is now owned and run by Singer/songwriter Shekhinah. Shekhinah is a leading figure in the music industry having started her award winning career in 2012. Taking over Figure of 8 Productions in 2022 Shekhinah aims to transform the space into a creative hub for all your audio and visual needs.

With our team of producers, engineers, songwriters, musicians and photographers we are on a mission to help artists achieve their sonic vision every time!

Come make a beautiful noise with us!
Team FO8

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